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2024 Energy Forecast

2024 Energy Forecast! What you need to know for the year ahead!

2024 energies channeled message energy forecast energy update spiritual guidance Dec 30, 2023

Below is the written transcript of the Guide's 2024 Energy Forecast. If you'd prefer to listen to it, you can listen to it on YouTube by clicking here or going to:

Today my Guides bring through an energy forecast for 2024. They talk to what we’re going to be going through, what to expect, how to prepare ourselves. You’re going to want to listen to this message and step most fully into 2024. Enjoy their transmission.

Greetings to you each on this day. What a glorious day it is as you are in the final days, as you approach your 2024. We are here today to give you a bit of a forecast of the energies and what to expect in this year to come, so that you can best prepare yourself to step into the unknown that you are being called into as you lift and shift to become more of the True Self, the Divine Self that you are embodied in the form that you take at this time.

You have done a lot of clearing and shifting in this month of December. You have released so much of what you came here to release and that is continuing to work. Simply allow what comes up to be seen and to move through you, to shift through you so that you can continue to take on more light within your physical system. Becoming more of who you are. This will continue into the month and two of 2024, so you will continue to feel some of the things that have been shifting and leaving you, will continue to do that. So do not be surprised and do not think that you are doing anything wrong for you are not, that is strictly the energy supporting you for more and more light is coming into the planet in January and in throughout all of 2024.

This really is a year of expansion, a year where the light worker, the way shower who has done so much of the work will be able to propel forward and will be able to ignite the creative energies within you to really bring forth into manifestation what has been laying dormant, what has been seeded and rooting beneath the soil over 2023.

You will really feel this activation of the creative energies, the ability to really propel yourself forward, or more accurately to be said, to allow yourself to be carried forth on these creative energies, on this expansive flow of energies. When you get into March as you move through the equinox, and you will notice that as you hit those creative energy flows that you will see things begin to come up again. This is nothing wrong, it is not that you haven’t done the work, it is just simply with the influx of light and creative energies as you are being called to be more of who you are and what you came here to be at this time, then anything, any small distortions, the smallest grain of dust or sand within your field is going to be shone upon, the light of your being is going to shine upon that area so that you can simply acknowledge it and allow it to go. Allow it to go with ease as the shower that flows over you allows it to just simply be returned to the Earth and transmuted. That will be amplified and supported by full moon near the end of March.

As you then just continue, it is important for you to simply move with the ebb and flow of energies. Don’t get frustrated when things don’t seem to be moving as quickly as you think they should. Allow the shoulds, and coulds, and woulds and would love to haves be removed from your vocabulary, for this is about a year of flowing with the energies and allowing the creative force that you are to propel you forward in exactly the time that you need.

This is not about forcing it, it is not about demanding it, if you have already created your list of everything you need for 2024, we would suggest that you hold it very gently and perhaps even set it on the shelf for a little while, and allow those general ideas or themes that you have considered to flow with you and not your demanding of what you think it should be like or when it should come for that is in the caretaking of your Divine Self and as you embody and align with that True essence of yourself, you are going to see that those opportunities and those energetic waves and currents will carry you with so much ease. You will be in knowing, so much of the time that you will not be stuck in the questions and the concerns of when things should happen. Trust that you are being supported and that you are being carried. This is a great year of expansion.

Now, as each one of you are expanding, you are stepping more forward and forth into the light of your being, as you are being your authentic self, what this means is that your light quotient is expanding, your vibration is increasing, this coupled with the Earth’s taking on of the energies and herself in her transformation, this means that a lot of other people who are not specifically on the path of awakening at this point are going to be shaken out of their sleep. They will begin to awaken much faster than they have been in the past and this will not necessarily be a gentle awakening. The time has come for many more to come forth and if it is found in resistance then it will become more difficult and more difficult in their experience. So be aware and supportive of all of those people in your families, in your friend circles, of those in your communities who may be going through difficult times. This is ok and this is a natural process of the lifting and shifting of energies and consciousness on the planet.

Even you dear light worker as you step forth, as you take a step forth on your dreams, in your creative endeavors in 2024, do not be surprised that you see reflected before you those things that you don’t prefer. They are simply there to show you the distortions that still remain in your field so that they may go. They are not meant to be detractors from you moving forward, to tell you not to move forward, they are simply there so that you can release them. So allow anything that comes up for you as you are taking those steps forward to be seen as great opportunities, to be seen as providing you an opportunity to step into your next higher self, that next left of manifestation in form of you to be in your greatest service, as who you are on Earth at this time. For you each have unique energetic systems, unique energetic frequencies and you are being called to be all that you can be in your fullest and as you take on more light and as you push yourself and step outside of your comfort zone then you will be faced with anything that is still remaining.

So, look at it in joy to say:

“I see you. I recognize you and I am letting you go. You do not serve me any longer. You will not prevent me, you will not keep me small. I don’t need it. I am strong. I am courageous and I am doing this, this year." 

2024 is your year. This is the year and it will be a carry forward year into 2025 which will expand and explode even further.

And as we have said, as you are lifting and shifting and creating, and those around you are awakening and the planet is lifting, this also means that some of those releases are going to need to happen on the Earth as well. You may see some upset from the environmental perspective. You may see some final blow outs of disruption and things that have been hidden for some time come up within your culture. Again, view it without judgement, view it as an opportunity to see this things that need to be seen in order to be lifted. The world cannot shift and lift upwards in consciousness, if there are still things buried under the rug or deep in the basement. So recognize without judgement and when you see yourself in judgement, recognize it, forgive yourself for not being as you think you should be, and then allow yourself to step forth. Allow those distortions to leave your field, for as you are that bright light, that bright beacon for others, you get the opportunity to see all as part of the interconnected whole that you are apart of. If you see it, you are apart of it. You are all apart of it all, for you are one and you are becoming more and more aware of your oneness.

Many of you will see in the course of this year an opening of your senses even further. Those who are already clairvoyant, clairsentient, you will see even more expansion of your other Clairs, allow this to happen, be grateful for all that is opening, be aware of the subtle differences that are showing themselves to you in each now moment, in every day. Set the intention to be aware of all the changes that are happening for there will be many and it will be great. This is a very positive year. There is so much energy, so much light flooding in. You have made it so far on this journey and this will be another year.

Allow yourself to settle in, buckle up and be prepared to take those steps that you are called to take so that you can propel forward in your consciousness and your connection to Spirit and really support the world in becoming that new world, this world made new.

We love you. We send you great blessings for the journey ahead into 2024. We love you. We bless you and for now we are complete.

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