Are you ready to connect to your own innate wisdom & multidimensional self?

Accessing your higher dimensional consciousness or Soul Self, Guide team, God, whatever you want to call it, is accessible to each of us.

As we're each unique, our ability to connect opens to us in unique ways. You’re likely more connected than you know already, you’re just calling it something different.

When you choose to give yourself permission and let your consciousness expand to a higher-level perspective,  you have access to your Soul Self and your Spirit team on a whole new level.

For me, my life changed so significantly when I learned to connect to my own Spirit and to my Spirit team. Now, I want everyone on the planet to recognize who they are and to fully step into this knowing when they are ready to do so.

Signs you're more connected than you think...

You're connect when you have:

  • those gut feelings,
  • those hunches,
  • those coincidences & synchronicities,
  • those times when you just knew that something was going to happen or someone needed you,
  • those times where you called somebody and they said “you’re exactly who I was just thinking of” or “you said just what I needed to here”.


What is channeling?

There are many definitions of Channeling, for me Channeling is opening or expanding our consciousness to access higher wisdom and receive guidance from our Soul, Spirit, Guides, and Soul Team! As we open to our channel or connection to the non-physical information, our energetic system then acts as a translator to bring that information into human words or in some cases light language to support us in living and experiencing a more joyful, peaceful and abundant life. [Our bodies act like the Universal Translator on TARDIS – for all my Dr. Who fans :)]

I love analogies and so it may help to think of channeling like connecting to the internet or cloud storage. You only have so much information on your hard drive, but you can easily choose to go to the internet and access an incredible amount of information.

Well it’s the same thing with channeling, as you choose to expand your conscious you’re able to tap into the vast database of higher consciousness to receive wisdom and guidance.  We are energy at our essence, and we’re simply shifting our awareness from the physical to the non-physical.

Another important thing that my Team reminds me of, is that channeled messages exist outside of time, in the eternal, now or present moment. This means that the messages and encoded information meet you where you’re at each time you read or hear it. So it’s valuable to go back to it again and again if you’re called, or feel inclined to. You will often receive new insights and information and I’ve found at times, it’s like reading a brand new message. Allow yourself to be open to the surprise and wonder that accompanies these types of messages.

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"The largest barrier to opening to channeling are beliefs and limitation that you’ve imposed upon yourself or assumed through cultural norms and teachings."

Channeled by Joanne Cary

I asked My Team if they’d share a definition of Channeling and here’s what they shared:

You are simply opening up to higher wisdom that’s available to all. You are consciously expanding your awareness and inviting the connection with your Higher Self and your Guide teams to connect with and benefit from the wisdom of an expanded perspective. Indeed it is accessible to all. It is your natural state. You just have to intend to connect and in perfect ways you will.

Channeled through Joanne Cary

What is Light Language?

Light Language is often called the language of the Soul. It’s not English or any other language that we know or understand. It’s sound, vibration, frequency that speaks directly to our energetic field and our cellular structures. It can allow us to easily release thought patterns, beliefs, structures that have been keeping us feeling stuck and it also can activate within us dormant codes and information about who we are and about those skills that we have brought with us into this life to utilize now.

When you listen to a Light Language or energy transmission know that there’s nothing to figure out. If your mind starts to question and get active, just gently allow the thoughts to move off to the side and remind yourself that it’s energetic and you can just relax and receive the encoded information that comes through the tones and sounds. There’s nothing you need to do or figure out.

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Want to learn more?

Watch "We Are ALL Channelers" Documentary

Join Joanne and 6 other channelers in an exploration of what channeling is, the various types of channeling and to learn about the benefits each person is receiving from their Divine connection. Each person also demonstrates their channeling and we know you'll receive just the message you need to hear!


As a leader and guide for wayshowers, Joanne helps you tap into your own innate wisdom and multidimensional self, while learning to release fear, find joy and live an empowered life.

Joanne is an open channel for Source, higher dimensional consciousness and works most regularly with Lord Melchizedek, The Great Teachers, Ascended Masters, Archangels and other interdimensional beings who are supporting the great shift in consciousness that is happening on Earth right now.

Through channeled messages and light language activations, she transmits light encoded frequencies and healing energies as a vessel of Source to support our healing and evolution at this time.