What’s the LOUNGE?

the LOUNGE is a gathering place for Wayshowers, Lightworkers and Spiritual Seekers, like you, to connect and share about all things Spiritual with others who get you and are on the same path.

My Why...

the LOUNGE was inspired by some of the amazing conversations that happen at the end of the many group calls I host when there's a little extra time.

So many:

  • great questions about what we're going through & where we're headed,
  • stories shared about all the experiences that we're having during this evolution of consciousness,
  • discussions on so many cool, fun and interesting topics, as well as,
  • connecting and getting to know each other on a personal level.

I feel these conversations & this community is so great and impactful that they deserve their own home...or LOUNGE if you prefer. ;)

Who’s it for?

the LOUNGE is for Wayshowers, Lightworkers & Spiritual Seekers, like you, to connect & share with people who get you!

If you're like me you never felt like you fit it. You often felt alone. And now that you've "awakened" and know that you're a spiritual being having a human experience, a vast, beautiful Creator being of light if you prefer, you probably don't have a lot of people in your family & friends circle who get you, or understand you.

AND you're likely going through A LOT of shifts and experiencing A LOT of COOL (or maybe WEIRD & UNUSUAL) things and have very few people to share it with.

IF THIS IS YOU, then congratulations! You've found your people!

So pull up a seat and let's get spiritual!

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Sandra Hurd

Holistic Health Education and Lifestyle

The Lounge is my virtual meetup hang out spot. I am not a fan of sharing my personal life on any social media platform. So when Joanne created The Lounge I was all in. Inside The Lounge is private so I felt more comfortable letting the members get to know who I am on a personal level. It is a wonderful place to discuss all topics about our lives and our Divine connection. We are all very relaxed and engage in beautiful conversations. I am grateful to have found this community as I no longer feel alone on this journey. I finally found my tribe. 


Weekly Live Group Calls

Live group discussions on all things Spiritual, with others like you, about all the COOL & CRAZY stuff we're going through, facilitated by your host Joanne Cary

**Various call dates and times to meet the requirements of a diverse membership.

Private On-line Community

Private online community (off Facebook) of other awakened Souls to stay connected, chat, ask questions, post pics, share experiences and mingle outside of live calls. We rise, shine & transform a world TOGETHER!

Available inside a mobile app for easy access, as well as, through the website portal!

Topic Specific Circles

Join a Circle to share, explore and expand on topics to open us up further to new possibilities! Circle topics based on the interests of the group!

What have you been looking to share and explore further with others? I'm interested in trying group Dream exploration. Are you ready to try to meet up in our night dreams?

Group Challenges

Join others to complete fun Group Challenges focused on cultivating FRIENDSHIPS and a more JOYFUL, PLAYFUL & PEACEFUL life.

Cheer each other on and keep each other accountable while having fun!

Join the Book Clubs

Join weekly calls to discuss a favourite Spiritual book. Call recordings are available in case you can't make it!

Have a favourite book you'd love to discuss? Maybe it'll be next!

Video Recordings

Access to video recordings of all the LOUNGE calls so you never miss out on the juicy, life-altering stuff! Plus you can go back and re-experience that A-HA moment!

About Joanne Cary

As a leader and guide for wayshowers, Joanne helps you tap into your own innate wisdom and multidimensional self, while learning to release fear, find joy and live an empowered life.

Joanne is an open channel for Source, higher dimensional consciousness and works most regularly with Lord Melchizedek, The Great Teachers, Ascended Masters, Archangels and other interdimensional beings who are supporting the great shift in consciousness that is happening on Earth right now.

Through channeled messages and light language activations, she transmits light encoded frequencies and healing energies as a vessel of Source to support our healing and evolution at this time.

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Join other Wayshowers, Lightworkers & Spiritual Seekers like you, to talk about all the things this magnificent time of the planet is offering. Welcome!

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the LOUNGE - Member Benefits

Join the LOUNGE and you get:

  • A private community (off Facebook) of like-minded Souls who want to share, expand and grow in consciousness together.
  • Weekly Live group discussions hosted & facilitated by Joanne Cary, conscious channel, mindset & soul coach.
  • PLUS a LIVE ROOM - a space to gather on video outside of the Live facilitated calls!
  • A place to share stories and experiences.
  • A place to ask questions about what you’re experiencing and find others who may be going through a similar thing.
  • To be held in a healing crystalline container set with the intention to support us in fully aligning to our Divine Soul Self, or True self.
  • A safe space, free of judgment, where we hold compassion and a loving environment for you to fully step into your next level of Soul Mastery.
  • A place to navigate the changing times, and the shifts that we’re going through in our consciousness where you will learn to do this with ease, peace, grace and JOY.
  • To join Book Club discussions about your favourite spiritual book that may have transformed your life or will.
  • To explore and discuss specific relevant and timely topics in the Group Circles. Ever changing and evolving as we do.
  • To join Group Challenges to complete fun tasks focused on cultivating a more joyful, playful and peaceful life. It’s always better together, right?

Come join the LOUNGE!

Pull up a seat, meet your Soul Fam and...

let’s get spiritual!

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