Hello, I'm Joanne Cary.

It's nice to meet you!
As a leader and guide for wayshowers, I help you tap into your own innate wisdom and multidimensional self, while learning to release fear, find joy and live an empowered life.

I work with amazing, action oriented spirits just like you who are looking to transform their lives and live with more joy, peace & fulfillment.

Are you feeling that nudge for change? Like you're meant for something more? Like there must be more to life?

Are you you feeling blocked, stuck and not getting the results you want?

No worries! You are in the right place. I've got some amazing tools that will help you gain clarity, create energetic shifts to help you transform any aspect of your life. It's my mission to help 1000s of people live more joyful and fulfilled lives. I will guide you, support you, provide space for you, call you on your bullshit and help you accelerate your results.


My Story

After 20 years at the 3rd largest University in Canada and having climbed up the corporate ladder to the coveted Chief Human Resources Officer position,

I started to yearn for something more.

I had an amazing job, my personal life was great, and I’d achieved all the things that defined success, but I didn’t feel fulfilled. I kept feeling that there must be something more to life, but I didn’t know what. That yearning kept growing and I started to feel like little part of my soul was dying each day. This started a feverish search for what was missing, and it marked the start of my spiritual journey and understanding of metaphysics.

Magically, an opportunity presented itself at the end of 2018 to jump into the unknown with both feet and to move countries and that’s when everything changed.

I started to feel energy, then I met my first channeler and I realized that the energy I was feeling was my connection to my Soul Self & Spirit Guides. I was taught how to channel through automatic writing and being an excellent and dedicated student, I embraced the connection and fast forward to August 2021, I started to verbal channel with my Spirit Team and I opened to Light Language and energy transmissions as a way to support our healing and evolution at this time.

I’ve always been on a mission to create a world where everyone and everything can thrive. 

And I’ve known for some time, that living in the state of JOY is critical to creating a life I love, but what I didn’t know was just how much connecting with my Soul Self and Spirit Team would transform my life! [bam!]

I’ve been able to release fear, find a whole new experience of joy and I’m living an incredibly empowered and abundant life.


And do you want to know what?


I’m not special.

Everything I’ve done you can too. The connection I have with my Soul Self and Team, you can have that too with your own Divine team.

Welcome to this magical journey!

I hope you join me on this path.  Please explore my website, YouTube channel, and social pages as there’s so much to support you. And if you’re looking to go deeper, please reach out!


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