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Intuitive Mentoring | Energy Sessions

Are you feeling stuck or unclear on your next steps regarding a particular personal situation or question, or do you sense your “energy is off” or blocked? Then these sessions may be for you.

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Private Channeled Sessions

Are you looking for a higher perspective on your current life or circumstance and you want some personal guidance or a message from Spirit, higher dimensional beings or Angels? Then these sessions may be for you.

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Custom Light Language Activation

Ready to receive high frequency energies, & activate dormant codes of Light to live the life of your dreams and fulfill your Life’s Purpose?

Ready to release blocks and to activate more of your Soul in body so that you can step into your next level of Soul Mastery?

Then these sessions may be for you.

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Mind, Body, Spirit Mentoring Packages

Are you wanting to upgrade  your life, connect to your Soul's purpose to manifest your dreams all while attracting more abundance & prosperity? Then these 4 to 12 month mentoring packages may be for you.

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Feeling Stuck? Energy Feeling "Off" or "Stuck"?

This session is for you if you’re feeling stuck or unclear on your next steps regarding a particular personal situation or question, or if you sense your “energy is off” or blocked.

In this private intuitive session, I use a variety of practical tools combined with intuitive, channeled guidance, light language and / or energy transmissions, to help you get feeling clear & unstuck so that you can move forward with confidence & live your life’s mission.

Depending on what’s coming up in the session, Spirit may facilitate some clearing work aka “energetic surgery” or bring through a light language or energy transmission to support you shifting blocks, aligning to your next steps, or activating dormant codes in your energy field so that you are ready and excited to move forward with clarity and ease.

Note: The framework and tools utilized each session are customized to the question, situation or intention brought to the session for exploration to support you in your healing and evolution right now.

The Session:

60 minute Private Session

Sessions are conducted via Zoom.  An audio recording of the session is provided following the call to provide you an opportunity to listen to the guidance, energy or light language transmissions as often as you like, as well as bathe in their energies.


$197 US

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Esther Piszczek, USA

"My one on one session with Joanne and her guides was a beautiful heart connecting experience. She is a clear and pure channel who created a soothing, comfortable, energetic container for me to lean into. The wisdom her Team shared felt true and it shed light on areas I hadn't been able to reconcile in the past. I am grateful for this experience and recommend her as a channel and a guiding light."


Want personal guidance from Spirit?

This session is for you if you’re looking for a higher perspective on your current life or circumstance and you want some personal guidance from Spirit.

In these personalized interactive sessions, you are in direct conversation with higher dimensional consciousness. You bring to the session those questions most on your heart and mind that you want to hear the guidance that your Higher Self and Soul Team want you to know. Come prepared with your list of questions and be willing to receive their words as well as the energetic transmission that they gift to you in your energetic field. There's so much more to these sessions than what's received through the limitation of words.

NOTE:  Although Joanne channels messages and light language activations from source and higher dimensional consciousness to support you in navigating your life and your highest evolution and healing at this time, the information received is facilitated by your own Soul Self / Higher Self & Guide Teams. They’re always making sure you get exactly what you need for both your mental mind (the words) and your energy systems (the energy transmission)

Sessions Offered:

30 or 60 minute Private Channeled Session
  • Sessions are conducted via Zoom.  An audio recording of the session is provided following the call to provide you an opportunity to listen to their guidance and messages as often as you like, as well as bathe in their energies.
Channeled Message (Written & Emailed)

Have a question you want to ask your Soul Self and Guide Team?  Simply email your question to Joanne and she will connect with your Soul Team and channel a written response for you.

  • Gives you an opportunity to send a written question to Joanne by email and you will receive a written channeled response from Spirit delivered straight to your email inbox.
  • Channeled written responses are normally received within 72 hours of receipt of the question.


$111 US

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$197 US

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$33 US

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Want to get to know your Soul Self & Spirit Guides?

This session is for you if you want to know & experience your connection to your Spirit Team.

Your Spirit Guides want you to know them and experience their energy & love.  They have always been with you and will always be with you and they want nothing more than to be connected with you in a way that you know.

In this channeled immersive, energy transmission & guided process you are supported in feeling and experiencing your connection with your Spirit Team and are gifted with their frequency so that you have it ever available to you for your own ongoing relationship.

Be sure to get a favourite crystal & have it available to receive their gift of frequency & anchor it into 3D.

The Experience:

The experience length varies by person, however it is normally 30-45 minutes in length.

This experience is conducted via Zoom.  An audio recording of the session is provided following the call to provide you an opportunity to listen & reconnect to your Soul Self & Guide team whenever you wish.

Note that you always have your crystal as a physical connection point from your Soul Self & Guide Team. 

They are so excited to build an amazing relationship with you!

Connect to Your Spirit Guides Experience

$77 US

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Looking to accelerate your changes in your life?

 If you're:

  • wanting change in your life,
  • you're committed to action & doing the work and,
  • you're looking to manifest your dreams & your life purpose while
  • attracting more abundance & prosperity,

and you want practical tools to live your highest, best, more joyful & fulfilling life then MIND, BODY, SPIRIT MENTORING may be for you.

Although I've broken down a few of the forms of mentoring I do below and you could choose to focus on one type during our time together, I’ve found that the most benefit comes from a combination of these methods based on what is present in the moment that we're on a call together. This allows for the most transformation to occur as I know that exactly the thing looking to be transformed reveals itself when we’re together.

That said, it’s often beneficial as you consider coaching and mentoring with me, to explore what you can expect from each of these modalities. It’s also helpful in preparation for our discovery call.

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Life & Mindset Coaching

Life & Mindset coaching will:

  • help you identify & get crystal clear on what you want in your life. Many people know what they don’t want, but not what they do want.
  • identify and remove any blocks or limiting patterns that may be holding you back from the results you want.
  • guide you in developing an aligned action plan to get from where you are to where you want to go.
  • provide space for self-discovery & growth.
  • provide a partner to help you remain accountable, support you and cheer you on along the way.

It’s for you if you:

  • want to save time, reach your potential and get your results faster.
  • want new insights into yourself and different perspectives.
  • want to build a strong sense of self-confidence & belief in yourself.
  • want to feel more empowered.
  • are ready to be accountable and called out on your stories (aka bullshit).

Belief Clearing & Inner Parts Coaching

Clear Belief & Inner Voice work will help you:
  • Clear negative & limiting beliefs from the psyche so that doubts and self-criticism fade away, self-esteem & personal power increases and you’re able to handle difficult situations more easily.
  • Heal childhood wounds and psychological knots, freeing you from resistance & self- sabotage
  • Eliminate old habits of thought, emotion & behavior, allowing for new positive habits to emerge
  • Remove blocks and barriers that are stopping you from getting the results you are wanting & living the life you desire.

It’s for you if you:

  • want to get unstuck.
  • want to have more confidence & feel more freedom.
  • open doors to new opportunities.
  • eliminate pain & suffering from the past.
  • experience more fulfillment in your relationships.
  • increase your energy, vitality & productivity.

Spiritual & Ascension Mentoring

Spiritual & Ascension Mentoring will:

  • Help you connect to your innate wisdom and multidimensional self.
  • Develop your knowing and trust in who you are as an aspect of Source, the Creator in form.
  • Help you reconnect or strengthen your personal channel to your Soul Self & Spirit team.
  • Help you understand your Soul’s purpose and missions for this lifetime.
  • Bring you a sense of peace and balance regardless of your current circumstances
  • Help you navigate these changing times with ease, and knowing.
  • Help to lift your vibration and to learn to live each day from a higher frequency (5D+)

It’s for you if you:

  • know there must be more to life than working  for the weekends.
  • know you’re here to make an impact on the world but aren’t sure how.
  • want to know your Soul’s purpose and mission.
  • Want to live your highest, most joyful and fulfilling life.
  • are willing to release the limiting patterns, beliefs and structures that have been keeping you small and your light dim.
  • are ready to step out of your comfort zone, and be the beacon of light you intended to be.
  • want to build a strong sense of self-confidence & belief in yourself.
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Judy H, United Kingdom

In the world of conscious evolution and spirituality there are many rabbit holes down which you can get lost and I have done a fair few those over the last 30 years. Joanne is a very clear guide on the journey to freeing yourself from limitations, both self imposed and projected. And not next week or next year but in the now. She’s holds a very strong vibration of truth and light so that even the most well worn beliefs begin to dissolve with her guidance. She provides a big hearted, broad minded, non judgmental space for freeing yourself up for a more joyful and fulfilling experience of who you truly are and guides you on the path to creating what you truly desire. 

How’s it work and what’s included?

Personalized Mentoring packages – 4, 8 or 12 months 

Individualized coaching packages are designed to meet your desired outcomes. Whether you have a specific goal/area of life that you want to focus on or you’re wanting to take a wholistic approach by diving deep into each area of your life – this option will be great for you.

Coaching sessions are done through video calls (Zoom, Skype, Facetime). Phone calls are a possibility but I’ve found video much more expressive.   

Prices vary depending on length of the relationship & the number of scheduled meetings per month. 

To find out more information or to see if I’m a great fit to support you on your journey, request your free discovery call.

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Do I really need a coach? It’s a lot of money. Can't I do it on my own. 

Investing in yourself can be uncomfortable and a little scary. Although you can achieve results on your own, having a coach will save you stress, pain and frustration while helping you get the results you want faster.  

All professional athletes have a coach (as do most professionals) as practice only takes you so far. Research has shown that you can significantly improve your results with the support of a coach. Further research also demonstrated that those provided support were 21% more relaxed and less stressed when making decisions and had a 28% greater understanding and ability to make connections. 

Tricia O. - USA

 I worked with Joanne for Coaching and made significant changes adding more joy in my life and increased my self esteem. She is very warm, intuitive, positive, organized, and went way beyond to offer great tools for breaking barriers. I made significant  progress in a number of areas in my life that I was seeking to improve and/or change. I would highly recommend Joanne for Coaching. I gained more from our coaching experience than any other self help program that I tried (which I have done a lot). Joanne is very warm, and always quickly provided excellent resources. I was not the easiest client as I had recently gone through a significant loss in my life and she stuck with me. I could go on and on. I felt I had spiritual growth, career growth, and definitely increased the joy in my life.  

Start to reconnect to your innate JOY & CREATE the life your HEART DESIRES?

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[Note: I help you change your own beliefs and reduce or eliminate the impact they’ve had on your life. I am not licensed psychotherapist or physician. If you have a medical or mental health issue, please consult an appropriate professional who specializes in your particular diagnosis.]