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1 new thing each day for 30 days challenge

Opening to Expansion: Do 1 New Thing Each Day Challenge

30 day challenge challenge channeled channeled message energy shifts expansion new opportunities new things Jan 21, 2024

Below is a channeled message from May 29, 2023 and it’s about opening new energies and possibilities into our field! They challenge us to do one new thing each day and give us some examples to get us going.  Are you going to open yourself up to new possibilities? Will you accept the 30 day challenge?

Dearest one, good morning. We are so pleased with you, with where you are going, with how the energies are integrating! We love you so and we are so excited for all the times that are coming and indeed that are here already.
We know we repeat this often, but it is you (and all) being you, who you are, in your fullest that is the critical key to the shift in consciousness of humanity.
For each person, they have chosen a unique role to play. For their benefit and for the benefit of all. If one simply went about their day following their heart, those things that bring them joy and light them up, those things that nourish and replenish and minimize the things that do not, you would see such an immediate and incredible shift in the plane and experience of all.
So, the challenge is to do this as much as you can in each now moment. To consciously choose this in each moment, in each day that you awake, each night before you sleep, each and every second of now.
It seems like that’s too easy and it really is. It’s choice, but you have to choose it. Nobody can make the decision for this but you. It’s your free choice the life you live.
Every person’s role is important. Everyone has a path. She sees in her mind’s eye children playing, mother’s tending, fathers tending to their children. Do you realize the significance of that role? That isn’t what some may consider a “spiritual” role. They aren’t speaking to great crowds, inspiring a crowd, but the role of parent as we’ve said so many times is of critical importance.
Not all are intended or have chosen to parent in this life. They have chosen other roles. That is perfect too. Don’t you see that there is no better than or less than. There simply is. Each person is getting what THEY chose in this lifetime, and it is PERFECT. It’s only the personality self that decides differently, that decides or judges that something isn’t good”. But it is all good.
So, if you aren’t happy in your life, change it. Make new choices. Doing the same thing will not get you where you wish to go. Make new choices and see what changes. May you be put outside of your comfort zone? Yes. Is that a good thing? Yes! All the good stuff lays outside your comfort zone for it’s new and opens new possibilities for you.
So, try to do one new thing each day! Think one new thought. Have one new conversation. Greet one new person. Put your pants on with the other leg first. Brush your teeth with the opposite hand. It doesn’t matter. Do that one new thing each day and let the new energy flow. See what begins to shift. Expect to see the changes and note them, to yourself to others if you wish.
Oh sweet ones we love you so. We are here with you. We love you. We’re dancing this dance with you. So much wonder is coming, so many new things, so much beauty. Know that it is so, even if in the short term it doesn’t seem that way in your reflected out-pictured world. Time is needed to bring forth into manifest form the reflection of the collective energies. It will come. And for your own personal experience manifestation can come so much more quickly.
We love you and we leave you with that.
We will connect with you again soon. Much love until then.

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