Join Joanne Cary for this live, interactive channeled event & Light Language Transmission as you embark on an experiential journey to amplify what you're creating and manifesting in the world and to support you in receiving the abundance frequencies of this triple 8 portal.

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This 90 minute event includes:

  • A brand new channeled message and teaching from higher dimensional consciousness to support you in this evolution of consciousness, creating from your multi-dimensional self and opening to true abundance.
  • Channeled Light Language Transmission: Leave cleared of distortions and lower density energies, as well as, expanded and aligned to create from your Divine, infinite potential and be open to receive all the gifts and prosperity that are waiting for you.
  • Q&A provides an opportunity for attendees to ask a question directly to Spirit.
  • Quantum Video & Audio Replays are provided to all registrants at no additional charge within 24 hours of the end of the call.

Participants may attend via computer, tablet, smartphone or dial-in by phone. A list of start times around the world is at the bottom of this page.

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What people are saying about these events...

The New Beginnings Preparation for Expansion was more than I could have imagined. I was thrilled to experience the process of expanding my whole being to hold more light as it continue to shift through the new frequencies. The transmission was uniquely received. I felt my entire being humming after. It was a truly wonderful. Much love and gratitude to you, Joanne, and your guides for this magnificent event. 🙏❤️ ~Sandra H

OMG!! Joanne just finished her Harvesting Abundance Session and it was off the charts magnificent and packed with so much Light and Love and wisdom from the Angel Realm, The Ascended Masters and all our Guides. The clearing and transmission was beyond heavenly and so powerful. And the Q&A was amazing and so on point for all of the questions. Deep gratitude to Joanne and her Team for the experience.
~ Staci
It was so beautiful Joanne! Love Love Love listening to your light language! The energies are so high and I keep yawning! Thank you! ~Katie
I feel so loved and warm and soft all over. Thank you for this lovely transmission. It is beautiful there Joanne! ~ LU


A Channeled Message from Spirit

A supportive & encouraging message from my Team to support you at this time of great change.

Light Language Activation

Sit back and receive the exact energies & activations you need in your energy field and cellular structure to support you. Leave regenerated, nourished and more aligned to your multi-dimensional self.

Live Q&A

Participants on the call have an opportunity to ask questions directly to Spirit to support you on your path and during this times of change.

Quantum Video & Audio Replay

Full video and audio replays of the session are provided to all those registered at no additional charge within 24 hours.

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Lesley G, UK

To be in Joanne’s and her guides’ energies is always a wonderful experience!  And to have channelled answers to any question you ask is just as uplifting and beautiful.  Thank you, Joanne and your guides for everything you share in love for our understanding.  Would highly recommend this experience to anyone else; if you are thinking about joining Joanne and her guides for any guidance, go for it, just do it. Once again, thank you Joanne.

About Joanne Cary

As a leader and guide for wayshowers, Joanne helps you tap into your own innate wisdom and multidimensional self, while learning to release fear, find joy and live an empowered life.

Joanne is an open channel for Source, higher dimensional consciousness and works most regularly with Lord Melchizedek, The Great Teachers, Ascended Masters, Archangels and other interdimensional beings who are supporting the great shift in consciousness that is happening on Earth right now.

Through channeled messages and light language activations, she transmits light encoded frequencies and healing energies as a vessel of Source to support our healing and evolution at this time.

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