Something Magical is Coming!


I am so excited for you!

The fact that you are here means that it's the perfect time for you to fully step into that next level connection with your Divine, multidimensional self, and your Guides are here right now cheering you on, waiting for this next level of connection.

This is not just a course this is an opportunity for you to step into a new way of BEing and to release fear,  to find that next level of joy and to fully live an empowered, abundant life.

As we allow ourselves the opportunity to connect and to feel their energy, their love, their wisdom, LIFE CHANGES. And it doesn’t just change for you, it changes for those around you, and as you align to this higher-level frequency, that is your true essence, you are supporting the world around you.

If you are here right now, you're a wayshower of the wayshowers. You're here to make an impact on the world and this is an amazing first step to doing that. As you connect more fully to your Soul Self, your Guide team, your life will change in miraculous and beautiful ways. It's been an incredible journey for me and I know that it's going to be for you too!

Channeling is "opening up to higher wisdom that’s available to all. You are consciously expanding your awareness and inviting the connection with your Higher Self and your Guide teams to connect with and benefit from the wisdom of an expanded perspective. Indeed, it is accessible to all. It is your natural state. You just have to intend to connect and in perfect ways you will." 
Channeled by Joanne


Module 1:
The Roadmap for Your Journey

Meet your Guide for this course, and find out what to expect as you embark on this journey.


Module 2:
See That It's Possible

Joanne shares her journey to channeling, how it's transformed her life and you'll get excited about all the reasons to channel.

Module 3:

Let the Channeling Begin!

You'll get prepared to channel and then fasten your seat belt and go! And like any good journey, you'll learn about what you might encounter.

Module 4:

Tips & Potential Roadblocks

Be well prepared for your channeling journey with some helpful reminders, some potential roadblocks & answers to some typical questions.

Module 5:

A Channeled Message from Spirit

A supportive & encouraging message from my Team as you embark on this new way of BEing!

Let the Channeling begin!


Bonus 1:

A Gift From Your Team

A channeled energy transmission & visualization to help you in feeling and experiencing your connection. Have a favourite crystal available to receive their gift of frequency & anchor it in 3D.

Bonus 2:

A Light Language Activation

Clear and lift your energetic field to a higher frequency to connect more easily with your Soul Self & Spirit Team.

Bonus 3:

Access to a Private Facebook Community for Channelers

You're not alone! Join the exclusive, private FB group for Channelers like you to expand & build your confidence to fully step into your next level Soul mastery!

Your Guide For Your Journey

As a leader and guide for wayshowers, Joanne helps you tap into your own innate wisdom and multidimensional self, while learning to release fear, find joy and live an empowered life.

Joanne is an open channel for Source, higher dimensional consciousness and works most regularly with Lord Melchizedek, The Great Teachers, Ascended Masters, Archangels and other interdimensional beings who are supporting the great shift in consciousness that is happening on Earth right now.

Through channeled messages and light language activations, she transmits light encoded frequencies and healing energies as a vessel of Source to support our healing and evolution at this time.