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Connect to Your Spirit Guides Experience

Get to know your Soul Self & Spirit Guides now! 

Your Spirit Guides want you to know them and experience their energy & love.  They have always been with you and will always be with you and they want nothing more than to be connected with you in a way that you know. 

In this channeled immersive, energy transmission & guided process, you will :

  • Get to feel and experience your connection with your Spirit Team

  • Be gifted with their frequency so that you have it ever available to you for building your own ongoing relationship. 

  • Receive an audio recording of the session following the call to provide you an opportunity to listen & reconnect to your Soul Self & Guide team whenever you wish. This is a great way to have the experience all over again!

  •  Note that you always have your crystal as a physical connection point from your Soul Self & Guide Team. 

    Be sure to get a favourite crystal & have it available to receive their gift of frequency & anchor it into the 3D.

They are so excited to build an amazing relationship with you! 

[You'll receive an email following payment with instructions to schedule your session.]

What People Are Saying:

My one on one session with Joanne and her guides was a beautiful heart connecting experience. She is a clear and pure channel who created a soothing, comfortable, energetic container for me to lean into. The wisdom her Team shared felt true and it shed light on areas I hadn't been able to reconcile in the past. I am grateful for this experience and recommend her as a channel and a guiding light.

Esther Piszczek